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Many people often consider taking piano lessons, but they always find a reason to postpone it. Some consider themselves to be too “old.” Others do not think that they could afford it. Still others are under the impression that piano is simply too difficult for them to learn.

Bill Yick Piano Service is here to eliminate these doubts once and for all! My piano instruction is offered to every age group in Lampasas, TX. Music is universal, and both the young and the old can find something about it to love and enjoy.

My piano instruction puts a unique twist on the classic piano lesson. Rather than showing my students how to read music, I teach them how to play by ear. This places emphasis on the beauty and complexity of the harmony, rather than on the methodical and (for many students) tiresome practice of learning how to read sheet music.

By fine-tuning their hearing, my students learn how to appreciate music in rich and exciting ways. My play-by-ear piano instruction exposes them to new musical techniques and allows them to pick out any of their favorite tunes at any time.

My students are more than just clients. I strive to develop personal relationships with all of them, familiarizing myself with their unique personalities and individual skills. I take pride in watching them grow, and I want to be there to witness all of their greatest musical moments.

I want to teach music to all my friends in the Lampasas, TX territory! Go to Bill Yick Piano Service for more information about my piano instruction!

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